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Our Mission

Our Mission is to uphold the highest standards of care and respect for native and exotic animals in need of secure permanent homes. As a wild animal preserve and rescue we are open to the community as an environmental education learning center and recreational destination for the entire family.

How You Can Help


As most of you know Tigers For Tomorrow started out as a big cat preserve. Over the years we have matured into a full-scale predatory preserve serving as a last stop forever home to nine species of wild cats, the North American black bear and brown bear and over 50 canids Including wolves, hyenas, coyotes, and multiple species of foxes.

 We have also expanded our horizons to many different species of small mammals such as civets and genets as well as a large barnyard menagerie and 26 rescue Equines including horses, mules, donkeys and mini horses. 


The Preserve is open all year long on the weekends and we do add additional hours during holidays and Spring-Summer -Fall.

You can visit the preserve by purchasing general admission- allows you to spend as much time as you want on a walk about of the preserve.

Book a private tour for 1-10 people. Make your visit educational and entertaining. Spend 1.5 hours with one of our educational specialists and learn about instincts, behaviors, our husbandry and animal welfare practices.

Join us for an 
Environmental Education Field Trip

The Preserve hosts private, public and home school groups all year long. Able to accommodate up to 160 students with a guided tour, lunch pavilion, animal contact yard, gift store and our NEW public Bathrooms!


From Fur Trade to FurEver Home: Fox Preserve Fund

We are thrilled to announce that Tigers for Tomorrow will be providing forever homes to 6-8 foxes rescued from the fur trade by SaveAFox. 

These foxes have endured unimaginable conditions and need permanent homes to live out their lives in safety and comfort. Since they have never known the wild and cannot be released into the wild, our mission is to create an exhibit that will serve as their sanctuary and help us raise awareness of the animals suffering in the fur trade. 

These animals will be coming from SaveAFox. SaveAFox has been working tirelessly to rescue foxes from the cruelty of fur farms. We support their mission, “To rescue and provide forever homes for captive-born, non-releasable wildlife.” We are glad to do our part in providing some of their rescued foxes with forever homes. 

The Need:

To build their new enclosure, we need $25,000. This includes:

- Clearing the land

- Purchasing and erecting both perimeter and dig-free fencing

- Building jungle gyms, den boxes, and other enclosure enrichments

How You Can Help:

Your donations will go directly toward creating a safe and enriching environment for these beautiful animals. Here are the donation levels and incentives:

- $50 Donation: Fox Friends - Shout out on social media

- $100 Donation: Fence Builders - Shout out on social media and one general admission ticket

- $200 Donation: Den Designers - Shout out on social media and two general admission tickets

- $400 Donation: Sunset Supporters - Invitation for two to our August 31st Sunset Tour and More    Event

- $500 Donation: VIP Fox Guardians - VIP private tour for up to 4 people

- $1,000 Donation: Jungle Gym Geniuses - VIP private tour and capybara encounter for up to 4 people

- $3,000 Donation: Fox Naming Champions - The honor of naming one of the foxes

- $10,000 Donation: Enclosure Architects - The honor of naming the new fox enclosure

Join Us in Creating a Safe Haven:

These foxes will serve as ambassadors for their species, helping us educate the public about the inhumane treatment animals face in the fur trade. With your support, we can provide them with a space where they will never again be confined to a tiny cage with an uncertain future. Let's work together to give these foxes the forever home they deserve.

Donate Now and Make a Difference! Help us by donating funds or by simply spreading the word. Animal Cruelty is worth a conversation. Raising awareness is crucial to educating people on this critical issue. With collective knowledge and action, we can work towards stopping animal cruelty. Help us provide these amazing animals with safety and space. Let their lives be a testament to the urgent need to stop the practice of the fur trade.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Let's create a brighter future for these foxes, one where they can live happily and safely.

Now Hiring! Join Our Pride!

Dates: July 26th-28th (Friday-Sunday) 10 AM - 4 PM

We're excited to announce that we will continue conducting interviews this weekend for various positions.

1. Full-Time Maintenance/Landscape Person   

   - Experience with landscaping and basic maintenance preferred.

2. Part-Time/Full-Time Animal Caretaker   

   - Desire to care for animals; experience preferred. On-the-job training provided. Please note, working with predators requires extensive training.

3. Education Specialist/Administrative Help

   - Strong public speaking skills, quick learner, ability to design and implement engaging workshops, and involvement in development activities.

 How to Apply:

1. Fill out an application at our gift shop.

2. Have your interview on the spot!

3. Or text Sue at 256-364-0143 to schedule your interview.

 Questions about the positions?

- Ask during the interview or text Sue at 256-364-0143.

Join our team and help care for our amazing animals, beautiful grounds, and serve our wonderful visitors!



Did you know?

The white spots on the back of a tiger's ear are called Flashings. Come to Tigers For Tomorrow and find the enclosure sign that has this fun fact on it and take home a magnet! 

Our 2022 Annual Report

2022 has been a very successful year! Check out our annual report!

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