Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain is a non-profit 501-c-3 Wild Animal Preserve and Environmental Educational Center, home to over 160 animals including  tigers, mountain lions, African lions, bears, wolves, black leopards and so many more wonderful animals. As a last stop preserve, the animals that come to live with us remain here for the rest of their lives. Located on 140 acres in Dekalb County, Alabama, Untamed Mountain, home of Tigers for Tomorrow, is open to the public as a premier wild animal park and preserve, and family recreational destination, providing environmental educational programming to the community and tourists of North Alabama. Our Mission is to uphold the highest standards of care and respect for native and exotic animals in need of a secure and permanent homes.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between humans and animals through education, preservation, and conservation. 

Our residents help us to achieve this goal by acting as ambassadors of their species, helping us to educate students of all ages that we really are not all that much different, and if we cannot care for and save the animals of our planet how will we save the human race?


Our Mission is to uphold the highest standards of care and respect for native and exotic animals in need of secure permanent homes. As a wild animal preserve and rescue we are open to the community as an environmental education learning center and recreational destination for the entire family.


In 1999, Tigers for Tomorrow was founded to provide a last stop home for predatorily animals that were discarded when they were no longer wanted or could no longer work or earn money for their proprietors, we like to say they either lost their job or their owners.

Passionate about humane education, the environment and animals that share our world, Tigers for Tomorrow Exotic Animal Preserve, Inc. started their first preserve in 2002 in Ft. Pierce, Florida. This new home would provide them with a place that offered dignity, respect and first-class care to our world’s apex predators. In 2005 after tangling with 2 hurricanes in 2004 and another in 2005, the Board of Directors secured property and moved Tigers for Tomorrow to a 140-acre mountainous preserve in Alabama at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, which is now called Untamed Mountain.

The non-breeding preserve is now a permanent home to over 175 animals, 90 of which are predators, big cats, bears and wolves.

Statement from Wilbur McCauley, President and Director of Animal Care

The animals will always come first no matter what. The care and quality of their lives are what matters the most, this will always take precedent over what others feel in any given area. The animals’ lives are our responsibility. Any decision made must benefit and protect the animals and their care. This includes protecting them from people and outside organizations that could cause harm. This includes volunteers, interns, employees, visitors, board members and family members. We have rules established to protect this belief and it is our responsibility to the animals’ to make sure they are safe and protected. Being part of Tigers for Tomorrow is a responsibility and a privilege that must be taken seriously. The animals are our responsibility, for they are the reason we are here. Wilbur McCauley, President and Director of Animal Care

WILBUR MCCAULEY  -  President  -  Attalla, AL  35954

DONALD KNAPP  -  Vice President  - Boca Raton, FL 33431

SUSAN STEFFENS – Treasurer  -  Attalla, AL 35954

JOANNE PUCKETT  -  Secretary  -  Buffalo, WY  82834

MARY STEFFENS – Director  -  Attalla, AL 35954

DONNIE JAMES  -  Director  -  Collinsville, AL 35954

ROBERT LUMINO  -  Director  -  Hawthorne, NJ 07506

Board of Directors

Tigers for Tomorrow
708 County Road 345
Attalla, AL  35954



Untamed Mountain

708 County Road 345     Attalla, AL  35954



Tigers For Tomorrow is a non-profit organization

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