Tigers For Tomorrow Wild Animal Preserve Welcomes 

Newest Animal Ambassadors

Bakari and Kimani

September 18, 2019 - Tigers For Tomorrow is excited to introduce the newest members to the preserve family - 2 adult White Lions, Bakari and Kimani. We are proud to be caretakers of such magnificent animals. White Lions are revered as supreme protectors of the land and sacred guardians of the earth. The lions are settling in well on Tiger Row and are looking forward to educating visitors. 


The White Lions are a natural occurrence in a specific distribution range in South Africa: the Greater Timbavati and southern Kruger Park region. White Lions are a significant contribution to the biodiversity of that region. Studies have shown that White Lions survived successfully in their natural distribution range for at least 50 years. After they were “discovered” by Europeans in the 1970s, White Lions were artificially removed from the wild to captive breeding and hunting operations. 


In 2006, White Lions started once again being born in the Timbavati and neighboring private nature reserves proving that the White Lion is a natural occurrence and the gene still exists in the Greater Timbavati Region. In 2014, the first white cubs were once again born in Kruger National Park (Nwanetsi-Singita Lebombo Concession).  In this region there is no lion trophy hunting. So there is much hope for the long-term survival of White Lions.



Untamed Mountain

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