Tigers For Tomorrow needs your help to get the bears to the

Big Cat Playground!

The Big Cat Playground allows the animal ambassadors that, live at our wildlife rescue preserve, a 2.5 acre rotational romping area. We finished building the Big Cat Playground for the big cats and are hoping to acquire the remaining funds to get the playground ready for the bears to start exploring. Our big cats certainly have enjoyed themselves this year, but now it is time to let the bears have a turn.

     We need $6,000 to complete this Bear Essentials project. Through your generous donations, the bears will get a new ride in a bear safe transport cage and we will be able to make the playground bear friendly. Tigers For Tomorrow believes big cats, bears, wolves, and other animals cannot live the way their wild ancestors did. The Big Cat Playground is a great way to naturally enrich the lives of our animals.

      A lot of hard work and commitment goes into what we do at Tigers For Tomorrow, but with the help of our staff and generous supporters, we are able to give our animals a healthy enjoyable life! We are giving back to special donors this year. Anyone that donates $100 or more, will be invited to the Big Bear BBQ to see our Grizzly Bear Yonah, in the finished bear friendly playground.

The Bear Essentials



Untamed Mountain

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Tigers For Tomorrow is a non-profit organization

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