With great gratitude to our supporters, our goal of $15K was met.

We are so thankful for you all!



In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the animals’ safety is our top priority. Having learned that large cats can contract this virus, we have been taking as many precautions as possible. Closing our gates to the general public was unavoidable. Consequently, the loss of park admissions has eliminated a huge portion of our funding that allows us to keep operations running smoothly.


Food donations have fortunately remained consistent, and our freezers are well stocked thanks to some generous supporters. But, without our gate admissions and gift shop sales, we are no longer receiving the essential funds we depend on. At this time, we must trust in your passion for our mission now more than ever.


Even though the preserve is closed to the public, our dedicated keepers are coming in seven days a week to make sure every animal is fed and cared for. Our small staff works extremely hard and they are absolutely essential to the health and well being of our animals. Your support will help us take care of our team.


We also have the animals’ medications and treatments to cover. Many senior animals have found forever homes with us. They, like humans, require more care and medical attention as they get older. Unexpected medical issues arise daily; for example cancerous tumors, emergency hysterectomies, allergies, and even dental care. 


We started providing limited private tours in small numbers. However, this line of revenue is not enough to meet our essential needs. Our “Paycheck Protection Plan” money has been exhausted and we need help to pay for our staff and the health care of our animals. It costs a minimum of $1,150 each day to run the preserve.


Please help support the animals that we all love by contributing to the Tigers for Tomorrow's Emergency Fund. 


We appreciate any size donation.

No amount is too small and every gift makes a difference







Donation Tiers for

Larger Contributions:



•T-Shirt with our Covid 19 Design



•Invitation for 2 people to go on a small group feeding tour with the big cats 



•Two T-shirts with our Covid 19 Design

•Invitation for 2 people to go on a small group feeding tour with the big cats.

•Invitation to a private luncheon at Bama Bucks hosted by Tigers for Tomorrow's Executive Director,

Operations Director, and Director of Animal Care.



Untamed Mountain

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