The Gigasensor

The Fort Payne, AL Middle School Gigawatts

competed in The FLL Razorback International

and won first place for project presentation

of The Gigasensor!!!





Tigers for Tomorrow began working with a great group of young creative adults, The Fort Payne Middle School Gigawatts robotic team in fall of 2016. As part of the first Lego League Animal Allies challenge, the team must provide a innovative solution that helps animals and their interactions with humans. After learning about how Tigers For Tomorrow used enrichment to enhance the lives of the animals we care for, the team invented the Gigasensor-   a safe, durable, multifunctioning sensor that goes on the outside of the animal's enclosure, which the animal triggers by movement. When the sensor is triggered, an enrichment is released inside the habitat. The fully functioning prototype releases a shower for the animals, and it has been tested successfully with two black bears and two ligers. The sensor is designed to be expandable to multiple enrichments for multiple sense engagement, including sight, taste, sound, and aroma.  


After advancing to the state competition at the US Space and Rocket Center, the students received 1st place for Inspiration, then they were selected to represent Alabama at the International Arkansas Invitational at the University of Arkansas. It is the team's dream to expand the "Gigasensor" to more animals at the preserve so that keepers can publish studies on this type of animal enrichment. The more publicity the invention receives, the more zoos and other preserves will be interested in helping their animals with this type of enrichment. The students plan to release the specifications so that more animals have the opportunity to experience the enrichment. 


Our goal is to raise $3,000 and to install 3 Gigasensors for the animals. Don't tell Yonah because we want it to be a surprise, but he is on the list of animals receiving one of the Gigasensors. 



Untamed Mountain

708 County Road 345     Attalla, AL  35954


Tigers For Tomorrow is a non-profit organization

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