Autumn 2019: A few months back ADI, the organization that is managing the Animal Care Center in Guatemala, requested that Tigers For Tomorrow allow all of the tigers to go to Africa, and that we disassociate ourselves with the rescue. We reluctantly agreed thinking that the best thing for the tigers from one circus to be able to remain in the groups that they were already living in. The expenses ADI said they required were getting way too high for Tigers For Tomorrow to continue with the rescue. So extending our professionalism and concern for the tigers we exited the rescue and have continued helping other facilities here in the states and locally. We are glad that we could step in when needed with the Guatemala rescue and help Antiqua Exotics with funding to build the large enclosures at TAC that these tigers get to play in, and help support these animals with food, shelter, veterinary care during the first critical phase



Untamed Mountain

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