While Sun, Moon, Jade, Luna and Kumal and Sasha await to come to a new life at Tigers For Tomorrow, can you help us help ADI care for them?  The cost to feed each tiger daily at ADI's Animal Care Center in Guatemala is $20 for each tiger. Can you help feed just one tiger one day!


Confiscated circus animals in

Guatemala need OUR help.

In Kazuma's honor, Tigers For Tomorrow is helping to raise funds to rescue big cats confiscated from Guatemala traveling circuses and we committed to provide a forever home to six tigers. The Guatemalan government outlawed traveling circus animals in their country after realizing many of these animals were living miserable lives in awful conditions.​


Introducing our new Guatemalan tiger family,  Sun and Moon the youngest are about 6 months old., Kumal and Sasha are the oldest and they are about 4, Jade and Luna, are 2 year old females. These tigers were once owned and exhibited by a Guatemalan Circus. Living in a circus transport they once were entertainment for those visiting the traveling exhibit. They now reside at ADI's Animal Care Center in Antigua, until USFWS grants us permission to import the tigers to our preserve.  This could be a long process and we are going to need everyone's help along the way. Tigers For Tomorrow is funding the care for these 6 tigers while they are being cared for in Guatemala, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! This cost us up to $5000.00 a month, this includes caretakers and security, food, vet care, supplements ,vaccines and wormers, the list goes on.. So please share this with all your friends, think of a fundraiser you could coordinate to help TFT or make a donation today. 

We hope you will join us on this journey.

In January we were notified of 40 big cats in Guatemala that would need to be rescued, a project way to big for one facility. So with the help and management of ADI (Animal Defenders International), Tigers For Tomorrow and other U.S. facilities are working to give these tigers a home and bring them to the U.S. In order to do this we had to have a quarantine holding center in Guatemala. With the help of our supporters we were able to financially help establish the ADI Animal Care Center on a piece of property that is part of Antiqua Exotics in Antiqua Guatemala. The facility is managed by ADI, and they are over seeing the animals that have been relocated from circuses while awaiting approval by USFWS to enter this country. Tigers For Tomorrow has committed to taking 6 tigers. The approval process could take several monthers and during that time we are committed to caring for these 6 tigers. 


If you are interested in helping us with this rescue, please contact:

Susan Steffens - Executive Director (256) 524-4150 or 364-0143

If you prefer to mail a check to please send to:

Tigers For Tomorrow - 708 County Road 345 - Attalla, AL - 35954

Thank you!

In Memory of Kazuma!

The wonderful lion KAZUMA was the first big cat in the Guatemala to be confiscated from a traveling circus due to abuse and neglect. Tigers For Tomorrow began the rescue of Kazuma in 2011, making it to his new home at Tigers For Tomorrow in Jan of 2012. Because of Kazuma, the government and the people of Guatemala recognized the heartbreaking terrible situation some of these animals lived in, paving the way to pass laws to prevent further abuse.


Update: The permit application arrived at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services on September 28th.

We will keep you posted on the application status.

Thank you for your interest in helping these animals.



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