Moving Forward

into Autumn 2019

A few months back ADI, the organization that is managing the Animal Care Center in Guatemala, requested that Tigers For Tomorrow allow all of the tigers to go to Africa, and that we disassociate ourselves with the rescue. We reluctantly agreed thinking that the best thing for the tigers from one circus to be able to remain in the groups that they were already living in. The expenses ADI said they required were getting way too high for Tigers For Tomorrow to continue with the rescue. So extending our professionalism and concern for the tigers we exited the rescue and have continued helping other facilities here in the states and locally. We are glad that we could step in when needed with the Guatemala rescue and help Antiqua Exotics with funding to build the large enclosures at TAC that these tigers get to play in, and help support these animals with food, shelter, veterinary care during the first critical phase.

In June 2019 we accepted 2 Arctic Foxes from a local family. The keepers named them Fin and Marcie. They are living off exhibit at this time until they get acclimated to their new caretakers and surroundings.

In July 2019 TFT adopted two tigers and a lion. Thank you to all those who helped us upgrade their enclosures with a nice big pool, platforms and individual den boxes for each tiger, especially Dr. Louis  and Mrs. Beverly Weiner, and Ms. Catherine Higginbotham. As soon as Khan came out of the transport he headed for the pool and hasn’t stopped chuffing since. His wife Diamond is very sweet, loves greeting guests and keeps watch for the keeper’s food truck. Malachi was a bit underweight and had some digestive problems that we are getting straightened out with good food (he loves pork butt and chicken)  MOJO vitamins and a whole lot of royal jelly. All three of our newest ambassadors are out now in the preserve. Where Malachi lives is taped off, but you can see him from a distance. Also In July 2019 we adopted a caracal, he is beautiful, and is just starting to appear and watch the public as they pass by.

The vet clinic is still moving forward. We would like to thank Pitts-Little in Birmingham for helping us out with a generous donation of items badly needed to complete the X-ray room. We will be starting to install the fencing in Quarantine and we are looking for 4 sponsors to help with the cost of the indoor out door big cat kennels. 

 We have taken a short break from the clinic to work on taking 2 of our large enclosures and connecting them together. We had started this project for the Guatemalan tigers, and have now redirected our focus to make this area another rotational playground area, only this one will be equipped from the start for the bears with a big pool, jungle gym, rocks culvert scratch pole and large den boxes. $7000.00 is needed to complete this project. . We are trying to complete it by the end of September, in time for our Fall season and Pumpkin Toss.

How you can help:  We need your help in 2 areas immediately: Sponsor an indoor/outdoor quarantine big cat kennel for $2,500.00, or make a donation on paypal towards the new Play Complex.



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