Rules & Regulations

In order to enjoy your day at Tigers For

Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain in a safe

and fun-filled environment, visitors of all ages are

expected to closely observe the following rules and


•         Respect the Animals:  Do not make loud sounds, bangs on or shake fences, throw objects into exhibits, whistle at, harass or tease the animals. Anyone found doing any of the above will be asked to leave.
•         Do Not Feed the Animals: All preserve animals are on a carefully structured diet. Introducing outside food can cause illness to the animals.
•         Items Not Permitted: Straws, umbrellas, balloons, bicycles, skates of any kinds, scooters, radios, noise makers, glass containers, Frisbees, barbeque grills, water guns or water balloons, fireworks or other items that could injure animals or people are not permitted while visiting the Preserve. You are welcome to bring your own wheelchair, stroller, or wagon.
•         No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs: Guests appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted at the Preserve and will be asked to leave. Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain reserves the right to refuse admittance to such persons.
•         No Weapons; Firearms and other weapons are not permitted. Off-duty police carrying a weapon must notify Admissions/Guest Services upon entering the Preserve.
•         Smoking is Prohibited Throughout the Preserve: Smoking is prohibited in the preserve. We ask all guest to smoke in the parking lot or on the left side of the front porch, away from the front entrance/ admission. An astray is provided for cigarette butts. 
•         Shirts and Shoes Required at All Time: Tigers For Tomorrow is a family environment. Please exercise proper etiquette during your visit.
•         Food and Beverages: Drinks are allowed without straws and picnicking is permitted at Moljac Bear Wolf Pavilion, which is outside the carnivore preserve, and Blakes Place located within the preserve. Tigers For Tomorrow does provide a public pavilion with picnic tables for guest to enjoy food. Large coolers must be left in vehicles until time of use. 
•         No Pets: Trained service animals are permitted. Guests with these animals should notify the Preserve in advance of their visit by calling 256-524-4150. Also, please notify Admissions when arriving at the Preserve.
o    We discourage guests from bringing pets and leaving them in parked vehicles. Distressed pets will be removed from vehicles.
•         Stay on Pathways: Barriers between you and the animals are there to protect both you and the animals from harm. Please do not lift children over rails, let them play on rocks, rest them on railings or stick fingers or arms through fences. Do not enter non-public areas.
•         While Riding on Preserve Vehicles: If assistance is needed, a preserve vehicle with a driver will help you around the preserve. Please remain seated at all times when riding on a preserve vehicle. Except for infants, all children must remain in their seats.
•         You May Be Photographed: By entering the Tigers For Tomorrow, you might be photographed, videotaped, or filmed by Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain. Your admission to the Preserve serves as permission for use of your image for promotional purposes by Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain, business partnerships, and its constituents. Each guest individually and on behalf of his/her minor children further waives any right to pre-approval, royalties or other compensation arising from or rebated to the use of imagery.
•         No Distribution of Printed Literature: Distribution and/or sale of literature, goods or services are strictly regulated. Any such activity can only take place if approved by, and with prior arrangement in writing, from Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain.
•         Do Not Take Risks: DO NOT TAKE RISKS IN ANIMAL HABITATS. If you ever see a person in immediate danger, contact Preserve staff immediately. Preserve staff will provide critical information to emergency services.
•         No Refunds or Rain Checks; The Preserve is not required to issue refunds or exchanges due to inclement weather or animal availability.
•         We Reserve the Right: If anyone engages in, or appears to be engaging in inappropriate or offensive conduct, Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain reserves the right to refuse or revoke admission, as determined by Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain. The Preserve is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.




Untamed Mountain

708 County Road 345     Attalla, AL  35954


Tigers For Tomorrow is a non-profit organization

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