We work hard every day to provide our animal ambassadors with a life well worth living in human care. Your donations make this possible

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An annual membership has its privledges!

Our membership program is just kicking off so be patient with us. It doesn't matter if your single or a family of six with grandparents, we have a membership to meet your needs.

Do you love getting to watch the animals up close, have one of our animals grabbed hold of your heart, or are you just getting to know us, Membership gives you free admission all year long, 25% off additional tickets purchased for your guests, discounts in our gift store and members will be the first to be notified of our super cool events and new arrivals.

Purchase a Brick Memorial

Engrave a brick as a memorial, or give us your best quote, help the preserve strengthen our future. 

The next project the bricks will be used for will be the pathways leading to the entrances of the Education/Event Building.

Please allow 60 days for bricks to be engraved. We are working on a pathway now and could use 50 more bricks. It's the gift that will always be here at the preserve for many years to come.


Roaring for Round Ups!

The preserve needs 100 round up partners. 

Supporting the preserve is effortless and fun when you join our round up program. A "Round-Up" is the term used to decribe the spare change captured from automatically rounding up your transactions to the next dollar. This is a great way to help the preserve if you can only give a little at a time. Sign up for our round up program and each time you shop or  spend money on your designated credit card, the extra pennies that round up to the next closest dollar will be donated to Tigers For Tomorrow. 




Howling for Heroes


The Wolf Annex is complete. We have three enclosures attached by hallways to a 2 acre habitat. This gives us the ability to rotate the different packs into a natural playground area. 

Although the annex enclosures are complete we still need to build den boxes and jungle gyms. These are essential for the wolves. We are looking for heroes to help us fund completion of this project! The price of materials and supplies are high but together we can give these amazing animals their den homes and jungle gyms to play.

Sponsor an Animal
Become a Guardian

One of the best comments people can make when they are at the preserve is: The animals here are all so healthy and they are HAPPY too. To accomplish this, we need guardian angels, the funding from our guardian angel animal sponsorship program helps to maintain habitats, buy supplements and enrichment items.


When you become a guardian angel you become part of our preserve family. New in 2023, we are seeking $250 sponsorships for each animal in the preserve. We have redesigned our sponsorship signs and they look great on the enclosures. Check out our new 2x2 sponsorship sign. 


Because we have so many great animals and it is always so hard to pick, we are making it easy for you. You just pick a species, and we will pick which animal needs a guardian. If you have a favorite animal, please make sure you let us know and we'll make sure you are their sponsor. Guardian Angel Sponsorship packages may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.  


There are a few items we are always in need of and would be grateful to receive as a donation when you visit.
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Vitamins E, D, & C
  • Fish Oil Capsules
  • Cereal and Granola Bars
  • Clorox regular pour and unscented
  • Skin So Soft
  • Extra Large Pooper Scooper
  • Watermelons
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peanuts- raw no salt
  • Deer Antlers
  • Newspapers
  • Blankets and towels, dog beds

Items can be dropped off during Open Hours 

Thank you!

Amazon Wishlist

We have several items we could use from our Amazon Wishlist. Items range from toys to supplements and many other items needed for the animals and the Preserve itself. Our Wishlist is updated monthly. The animals also love the boxes!


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